Shipping Info

Shipping Updates due to Covid 19:
I’ve re-opened the Heartwish shop with the following conditions: We are making a trip to the post office once a week, perhaps more. So unless you need an item right away, my usual shipping routine of ‘out the door the next day’ is temporarily suspended. As to cleanliness standards, please be assured that everything is packaged as cleanly and antiseptically as possible! We have strictly followed the “shelter in place” law here in Oregon for several weeks now, and from at least the standpoint of our own dwelling, we are virus free, and have not been in contact with anyone who has had the virus.

What happens after your package leaves my care is another concern, however. What we do with packages that come to our own home is leave them sit for twenty-four hours before handling, or, if that is not possible, we don our protective masks and gloves and open the package outside. A bottle of alcohol is always at the ready for wiping down packages. Safety first, friends!

Shipping is free to U.S. domestic addresses. This includes packaging and first class postage. If you need a rush order, or insurance of the package, these will be extra fees to be added to the cost of the item being purchased.

International shoppers please note–your purchases will be shipped for a minimum fee of $15.00. The exact amount will be calculated once I receive your address, but before payment, so you can approve the amount. This fee must be added on to the price of the item at checkout.

International buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Typically, I ship within a day or so of purchase. All of the items you see here on the website are ready made and available for immediate shipping. The shipping time can be from 3-5 days within the time the order was processed.

For international orders, please allow 10-21 business days to receive your order.

If there is any length of time involved over five days before I ship your package, I will let you know. Also, if you need speedy shipping, please inform me in advance.

Custom Orders
Custom orders are possible in some cases. Please tell me what it is you are interested in and I will see if I can make it happen!  Some items are more complicated, or I have to wait for special materials, etc., but usually you can expect your custom order within two weeks.

And neither you nor I are responsible for the weather that may delay a package! 🙂