Earrings: Purple Moth Wing

Delicate bead stitched earring with a bit of flutter and play in the breeze. Plum colors and silver were inspired by art and scenic beauty!

Necklace Set: Blush Pink and Labradorite

A delicate, romantic earrings and pendant necklace set; stitched as a tapestry of shimmering pale pink glass beads, labradorite stones, and an assortment of dazzling crystals and garnets. Note: this purchase price is for both earrings and pendant necklace together.

Crystal Shards and Pearls Necklace

A visit to a rock and fossil museum inspired this necklace! The natural beauty of quartz crystal is so stunning to see in a natural matrix; for this piece I chose the classic softness of pearls.

Earrings: Blue Lace Agate Carved Flower

Unique and lovely, these carved flowers of natural Blue Lace Agate make this pair of earrings truly one of a kind! Accented with swarovski crystals, silver toned glass seed beads, and round Blue Lace Agate beads.