Spring Tide Necklace

Spring Tide Necklace

A statement necklace with an eclectic mix of beads and lush colors that hint of spring greens and violets; amethysts and chrysoprase are the highlights of this long and versatile piece.


A gorgeous statement necklace created from a combination of natural elements; hence the idea of spring tides, when the beaches gleam with treasures brought in from the waves after the tide disappears. This long and textured necklace features weighty amethyst chunks, softly rounded as though they had been tumbled in the waves, sparkling chrysoprase, pale green howlite rondelles, sterling silver nuggets, African glass tribal beads, green crystal glass beads that glow like a sunlit ocean; all interspersed with short segments of tiny silver seed beads. The suggestion of spring colors is easy to spot–how we love the violets, the hyacinths, and the fresh lively greens that begin to appear in this season!

Clasp: The closure of this necklace is silver chain and a silver s-hook that hooks into a plain silver ring. (see pictures.) Adding a clasp to a long piece like this–even though it can be slipped over the head–gives a bit more versatility in how you can style it.

Length: about 40 inches; pictures show the different ways it can be layered. As well, see necklace chart here.

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; for international shipping, please see here.