Spring Storm Necklace

Spring Storm Necklace

A dark blue moss agate pendant strung with kyanite beads, sodalite, and glimmering rutilated quartz rondelles that reflect flashes of light.


A flash of a thunderous spring storm, with a torrent of hail and gusty winds, provided the inspiration for this necklace. The pendant (a type of moss agate) is most unusual, and rather stormy in its interior, with beautiful dark “inclusions”, as they are called. Thin slabs of Kyanite gemstone pick up the stormy blues and grays in the pendant, accented with gorgeous rondelles of rutilated quartz, which provide the lightening and flash of this piece.

I love to create according to color moods, and that day, when March decided to roar in like a lion, I was happily creating a wearable reflection of the thunderous, unpredictable beauty of nature.

Note: a close look at this lovely pendant might make it seem as though there are tiny, hairlike cracks; these are actually part of the web-like mineral strands laced throughout the interior of the stone; the stone is perfectly smooth on the outside. As well, you can see the subtleties in color by looking at the pictures; I tried to capture it in different light angles so you can see the fascinating variance. Quite an unusual pendant and one that well befits a stormy day!

Materials used: Moss agate, kyanite, rutilated quartz, round sodalite beads, silver finish glass beads, silver finishing beads and clasp.

Length: About 24 inches; to see where this hangs on the neck, see chart here, and picture below.

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; and yes, we do ship internationally! Please read here for more information.