Simple Elements Bracelets

Simple Elements Bracelet

A bracelet for the minimalist; simple, lightweight, available as singles, and leave the stacking up to you!


Here’s a versatile new feature from Heartwish Jewelry–the Simple Elements Bracelet Collection. Pretty, simple, stylish–a single bracelet can be purchased here, to be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. Here you’ll see some options given, as you can purchase just one, ready to mix and match with other bracelets you already own, or as a stand alone, easily a statement bracelet by itself ready to wear and easy to put on!

Like some of the options you see here? Purchase a few, at $20.00 each, and create your own bracelet stack.

Each bracelet you see in an individual picture under “Featured” is available; to purchase just use the check out paypal feature, and tell me in the comments or an email which one you want!

This collection will be chiefly composed of natural wood, shell, or bone beads.


Painted wooden bead; white leather, pewter clasps ends and silver lobster clasp. Size as shown is small, but chain can be added to make it larger.
Painted wooden bead with knotted leather


This woven leather bracelet has a fresh, tropical inspired painted wooden bead paired with soft white woven leather. A focal element is the weighty pewter elephant charm from Green Girl Studios; a true art piece! Size is small to medium; with leather there is some give.

Shipping: Free to domestic U.S. address; for international shoppers please click here to read about fees.

Size: stated per bracelet; depending on the bracelet, size may be adaptable.

Materials used: Some will be on leather, some of these specially priced bracelets will be on stretch cord. The specifics will be listed with each bracelet description.