Sand in My Shoes Wrap Bracelet

Sand and Plum

Multi-wrap bracelet that combines woven denim blue leather, and strung natural bone beads in muted hues of plum, sand, denim blue, russet brown. Adorned with African trade beads of carved bone, and shell disc charms.


Muted hues of sunset plum and beach sand, faded denim cutoffs and digging for pretty shells…all these wrapped up in a multi-wrap bracelet! I love to make and wear these wrap bracelets; they are easy to put on and feel comfortable on the wrist. This one is only part leather; one section is woven soft denim blue leather, interspersed with African pottery trade beads. The other sections incorporate a little woven macrame, leather wraps, and these gorgeous bone disc beads in the dreamy shades of beachy memories I just mentioned. And since my teen years were (ahem) in the 1970’s, it is special to me that this stock of bone beads comes from vintage bead shop inventory, also from the 1970’s. Such smooth, beautiful quality, and the colors are amazing!

Length and Size: This wraps four times around a small to medium size wrist. Entire length is 18 inches.

Materials: Incorporates multi-textured groupings of beads; a macrame cord with the vintage bone beads mentioned above, a section of knotted leather with African trade beads, a third section of same natural bone disc beads and carved bone decorative beads strung on nylon cord with leather wrap finishes. Charms included are shell ‘coin’ discs. Pewter button closure, with leather loop.

A ‘well-wrapped wrist’ is often a combination of different pieces, or even styles. The fun aspect to this is it is entirely up to the style and taste of the wearer! My favorite wrap usually begins with a leather wrap, that goes around the wrist at least three times.

Then I add on… often a couple of stretch bracelets, or perhaps a vintage bangle or chain bracelet that I have in my own collection. There are so many possibilities!

Here are some options for you below– (sold separately)