Peony Passion Beaded Pendant

Peony Passion Beaded Pendant

A bead embroidered pendant with a glowing red lucite center; inspired by the brilliant red peonies in the garden! It hangs from a strand of luscious freshwater pearls and aventurine gemstones; as well as high quality glass pearls in a deep red to match the lucite focal.


A necklace with a story… and a quest to attempt to capture the beauty and depth of passionate color in a spring peony. The deep, warm reds are usually associated with wintertime moods, but old fashioned peonies come bursting on to the scene in early spring with a velvet rich color palette that is breathtaking!

The story behind the creation of the pendant is more than just finding the right colors; it traces the idea of passions, themselves… some are ordered and follow the expected paths, while other parts of our nature yearn to just be or do something completely different than what everyone expects of us! The pendant follows the basic concentric pattern of circles for only part of the journey, until a cluster of gems, pearls, and vintage glass erupts into what almost appears to be a bouquet of sparkle and color.

The strand of pearls and gemstones on this piece has been crafted from the most beautiful and high quality pearls; both in subtle peach tones and creamy white. They complement the peachy hues of the aventurine gemstones, as well. I chose these colors because they are harmonious, but also because they represent the vintage qualities of this piece.

Length: This necklace hangs at about 31 inches. It is a continuous strand, made without a clasp, for ease of slipping on. This means it is one length only. Please see the picture with Miss Blossom (my mannequin!) so you can get an idea of the length when being worn. For a chart to help you visualize it, please see here.

The backing is suede, and the stitching is not only decorative but makes it secure.

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; international shipping is available! Please read here for more information.

I love doing bead embroidery. In jewelry, we hear the terms special, or one of a kind quite often, and this is how I feel about bead embroidery. Each piece takes so many stitches, and there are so many stories and feelings bound up in the creating of it. The hope is that it will be worn and loved with a similar affection, and go on to become part of more stories, being woven in to the fabric of the lives it touches. This keeps me creating and stitching these little tapestries!