Nefertiti Beaded Earrings

these have a fabric-like drape and feel, although woven from glass beads!

Nefertiti, the famous queen of Egypt, was given a name that means ‘The Beautiful One Has Come”. How’s that for romantic?

No doubt Nefertiti was beautiful (as we can see from the sculptures made of her) but beyond that, she was a remarkable queen in her own right, navigating one of the most turbulent times in her country’s history while maintaining the love of her husband and the loyalty of her people. And, (getting back to jewelry!), Nefertiti, like her fellow Egyptians, likely shared a passionate love for the color blue.

Woven in a netted style, this lovely pair combines rich cobalt blue with raw cut turquoise briolettes. Both of these colors were beloved to the ancient Egyptians. (see my blog post on “Blue”)

Length: 4 inches from earlobe; not for the faint of heart, but these are definitely a statement earring!

Materials: glass seed beads, natural faceted Turquoise briolettes, natural lapis lazuli beads, and bronze ear hardware. (fish hook style, but can be changed to suit your preference)

natural, undyed turquoise, and natural lapis lazuli round beads pair beautifully with the fluttering ‘banners’ of woven glass seed beads

I love to read about history, and being somewhat imaginative (!) when I’ve read about a certain time or certain men or women in history that did great things, the memory and feeling of that ‘journey’ stays with me for days, often finding its way into my work. I didn’t set out to make something that reminded me of the woman who has been called ‘the most beautiful woman who ever lived’ but somehow my weaving fingers brought to life what my mind had been mulling over.

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Nefertiti was the famous queen of a famous Egyptian pharaoh… known for her beauty, and for having lived through a cultural revolution that changed the way Egypt was ruled. And there was just something about these earrings that made me think of her; perhaps because this unusual style of earring reminds me of the colorful sails of a Phoenician ship, fluttering like banners in the wind, plying the waters on their way to Egypt with their famous blue dye. The sails that the Phoenicians used on their epic voyages were made of Egyptian linen, the most highly prized linen in the world.

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