Necklace: Lapis Blue Weave

Necklace: Lapis Blue Weave

Woven and textural, this necklace highlights raw unpolished lapis lazuli, african glass beads, and a bead weaving technique called prismatic right angle weave. The result? A lovely, one of a kind statement necklace full of texture and subtle color.


Do you love to wear jewelry that is woven and full of texture, that feels soft against the skin? This necklace is all about texture; woven from glass beads, small lapis lazuli beads, and African glass beads that are all of a similar matte finish. The focal bead, between the pendant and the main rope of the necklace, is also a matte lapis lazuli stone.

The pendant is woven in a circular peyote stitch, which turns out attractively asymmetrical due to the uneven character of the beads. All in all, there is a softness and lightweight quality to this necklace that makes it a pleasure to wear.

As you can see from the pictures, below, I finished out the woven ‘rope’ by adding a simple strand of the matte and rough cut lapis beads. These beads are all cut by hand, not machine, which lends to them that earthy, natural quality, and as mentioned they are not polished. This is lapis lazuli in the color and luster as it comes from the ground!

The technique used in stitching the rope is called Prismatic Right Angle Weave. I write more about it some of the forms of Right Angle Weave and how different artists use it here.

Material used: lapis lazuli, czech glass bronze beads, African glass beads, Japanese seed beads; bronze metal accents.

Length: Pendant hangs at about 22″; for what this looks like, click to see chart here.

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