Necklace: Keshi Pearls and Crystal

Necklace: Keshi Pearls and Crystal

[Sale! Price reflects 50% off; limited time!] Simplicity is the essence of this keshi pearl and crystal necklace; silk knotted pearls with a sparkling faceted nugget of rutilated quartz; — Free Shipping to domestic U.S. address; for additional shipping needs see below


Nothing quite compares to the radiant luster of a keshi pearl, and these have been given the simple treatment of silk knotting to further enhance their beauty. The color of keshi pearls is typically—aka naturally— a rich silvery gray, with a hint of pastel opalescence. The shape is random and delicate. In fact, “keshi” in Japanese, means poppy, which describes their petal like, ruffled appearance.

The focal of this classic necklace is a faceted chunk of rutilated quartz—it is serenely beautiful any way you look at it, but some of its secrets are not as easy to spot! The “rutilated” part—the golden strands deep inside the quartz, are fancifully called Venus strands, as they have been suggested as resembling the strands of Venus’ golden hair caught inside the crystal matrix.

If that isn’t romantic enough for you, the shimmer of moonlight on a lake at midnight; the silver flash of a school of fish arcing through the water, or the glint of sun on fresh snow—these are some of the images I thought of when I was making this lovely necklace.

One of my favorite things about this necklace, although a simple one, is the hand-stitched bail–from pure raw silver faceted beads—that connects the quartz pendant to the pearl strand. It is one of those extra touches that make a handcrafted piece of jewelry special.

Length: hangs at 26 inches: please see here for handy chart, and also note where this hangs on the mannequin; (aka Miss Blossom, who seems to be enjoying her Dr. Zhivago moment!) 

Shipping: Shipping is free to domestic U.S. address; additional add-on features will be extra, such as expedited shipping, or insurance. International buyers please be aware that shipping charges will apply. See here for more information regarding shipping.

Showing some of the beautiful facets (which are difficult to photograph in normal light!)