Necklace: Crocheted Sky Blue Beads and Carved Rose

Necklace: Crocheted Necklace of Sky Blue Carved Stone Pendant and Glass Beads

Crocheted necklace using translucent sky blue beads with silver accents; a classic Czech glass style of coloration, and the focal is a carved mountain jade pendant in the shape of a rose. -- For shipping and additional information, please see below.


A crocheted necklace is always a unique and soft piece to wear, and they are often linked with a boho style. This necklace has an elegant side to it, as well, both from the classic shape and style of the Czech glass beads and the beautifully carved rose of mountain jade.

(If you’re wondering “what is mountain jade”–? it is not a true Jade, but an industry term that simply means a dyed Dolomite marble. This marble is easily carved and, in its natural state, typically has a very neutral tone. It takes dyes very uniformly, and so you will often see it in smooth round beads of different colors.)

Length: from clasp to bottom of pendant, (doubled) the length is about 12 inches. To see where the pendant falls on “Miss Blossom” please see accompanying pictures. Also, this handy chart of necklace lengths shows that a twelve inch necklace hangs at 24-26 inches.

Clasp is a simple sterling silver lobster hook.

Shipping is free to domestic U.S. address; international buyers please be aware that shipping charges will apply. See here for more information regarding shipping.