Necklace: Bohemian Pearl

Necklace: Bohemian Pearl

Woven beaded necklace of aventurine gemstone beads, glass pearls, and vintage crystals, in tones of peach and cream.


This necklace is inspired by the romantic and beautiful story of Anne of Bohemia. I love making woven pieces, or creating wearable ornaments that look slightly out of time, or pieces that reference a meaningful period in history.

The gemstone highlighted here is Aventurine; it is a beautiful stone, and the red aventurine version, in its peachy/salmon color range, is popular for good reason. The focal pendant is also aventurine–a smoothly rounded cabochon–and the beaded bezel that surrounds it is woven with seed pearls, Japanese seed beads, and some vintage czech glass.

The strand, after the aventurine beads, is finished with luxurious baroque glass pearls, and then a simple sterling silver lobster clasp with ring.

Some might get a Victorian vibe from this piece, and it certainly does remind me of that era (which I love!). But for this particular necklace I was thinking of the medieval girl queen, Anne of Bohemia. Her story is a fascinating one! Wisps of her romantic and tragic life wove its way into this beaded strand of aventurine and glass pearls. As one of her feminine legacies was that of introducing the cultured pearl to England, and she had traveled far from her homeland of Bohemia that was known, even then, for the exotic glass beads produced there, I thought she might like the little glass seed pearls that I wove into the bezel surrounding the focal pendant of aventurine. The pinkish crystals are vintage czech glass (and czech glass, as we know, is actually Bohemian glass). This tradition of fine glassmaking, with its rich color palette of reds, comes from a ancient tradition of craftsmanship in Bohemia that dates back to the time of Anne.

Materials used: glass pearls, aventurine gemstone, vintage glass crystal rondelles, glass seed beads, silver plated pewter accent beads, sterling silver lobster clasp and ring.

Length: Pendant hangs at about 18 inches; to see this please see pictures, and also this handy chart here.

Shipping: ships free to a domestic U.S. address; for international shipping information, please see here.