Minoan Holiday Leather Wrap Bracelet

Minoan Holiday Leather Wrap Bracelet

A multi-wrap leather bracelet in beautiful colors of turquoise, mustard gold; with bronze chain embellishments, and macrame sections.


The multi-wrap: like a personalized stack in one bracelet!

Do you love to wear a variety of bracelets on one wrist? Then you probably love the multi-wrap bracelets! These are a particular go-to preference for me, because when you’re getting dressed in a hurry, just grab one of these, do a quick wrap to the button end, and you’re good to go. This latest version is a favorite because of the colors–those summery colors of mustard gold and teal, paired with mixed metals in moody bronze chain and rustic silver beads.

Something about these seashore hues, the fantastic design on the button, the ‘bronze age’ chain, and the sweet little seashell charm, with an aged patina that looks like a Minoan antiquity from the ancient culture of Crete… made me think of Grecian isles, and a fantastical Minoan holiday. 🙂

Do you love a contrast of textural elements in your jewelry? This bracelet has it! From the woven chain portions, to the sections of macrame studded with glass beads, to the pretty “interruptions” of the golden herringbone weave, this is a loving contrast of texture and color.

The materials: Light, flexible and soft leather, in a lovely hue of sea blue. Glass seed beads in the color of warm mustard gold,; and the beloved Picasso finish turquoise glass rondelles. The macrame portion is knotted with teal/turquoise blue cord, and the herringbone portion is woven with golden yellow cord. Bronze chain, interwoven with the leather and teal cord, provides some heft. The closure is gorgeous! A brilliant blue iridescent Czech glass button makes the perfect finish.

Size: This wraps 4 times, and will fit just about any size wrist, due to the extra loop of leather at the end. That’s another beauty of a multi-wrap bracelet–lots of flexibility for the wearer. (Note: if you don’t need the extra loop, you can just (gasp) cut it off!)

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; for international shipping please read here.