Hues of Blue Bracelet

Sleek Blues Bracelet

Elegant and supple, this woven bracelet is stitched with glass beads in two hues of blue and finished with a beautiful German made rhodium clasp


Woven bracelets of glass beads have a silken, supple feel on the wrist. This one introduces Chenille stitch to the repertoire, and I love this stitch for its complex looking weave but simple and classic beauty. The colors are dark indigo blue glass beads set against light crystalline blue beads.

The clasp used is a lovely German rhodium plated design that is quite sturdy, but delicate in appearance to suit the style of bracelet. [Note on the clasp: these are an excellent quality clasp that I feel confident in using for my designs as they are so well made and beautiful. However, if you are one who wants to put on your bracelet without any assistance, (as I am!) the strong closure of this clasp sometimes, but not always, means that my husband has to help me take it off or on. I mention this because I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase and feel you should know that this is a possibility.]

Materials used: glass seed beads, thread, rhodium plated metal clasp (nickel, lead, and cadmium free.)

Size: about 6 3/4 inches; this style of sewn in clasp makes it a fixed size, not adjustable.

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address. For international shipping, please read here.