Earrings: Oregon Rain

Earrings: Oregon Rain

Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite earrings with hammered copper hoops Drop length: 2 inches Metals used: copper Free shipping to a domestic U.S. address; international buyers welcome but please be aware shipping charges will apply. See below for more information.


Lapis lazuli and kyanite stones are the beautiful blues of the gemstone world. Kyanite allows more light to shine through, and has dark inclusions that resemble a bit of leaf or fossil; where lapis lazuli is a completely saturated, intensely blue rock!

The copper hoops are hand shaped and hammered, then wrapped with a thinner copper wire at the top. These will patina naturally, but can also be kept brighter longer by storing away from light.

I made these earrings while I was packing for a trip away from home, and feeling somewhat nostalgic already for the cool mists of Oregon. The lapis drops captured perfectly, to me, the idea of rain, while the kyanite suggested the misty gray days that are so much a feature of life here in the Pacific Northwest.

Shipping is free to domestic U.S. address; international buyers please be aware that shipping charges will apply. See here for more information regarding shipping.


(note: natural lapis lazuli has gray streaks and pyrite inclusions, while kyanite has natural dark blue to brown patches)