Bronze Blush Beaded Cuff

Bronze Blush Beaded Cuff

Beaded cuff bracelet, hand stitched from bronze glass seed beads, accented with red glass pearls and dainty glass button closure.


The interior of the bracelet is shown with a Flax leaf to support it for the photograph; the bracelet is actually reversible, the same look on both sides.

Elegant and supple, this beaded cuff is entirely hand stitched from tiny glass beads, in a weave pattern called Chenille. This forms a subtle design that is punctuated by tiny red seed beads, and accented with Czech glass round beads that are of that rarest color, a true, deep red. These red glass ‘pearl’ beads are gorgeous in themselves, and form a perfect complement to shimmering bronze. A beaded cuff such as this is one of my favorite things to make, and wear–as the texture is so silky soft, and clings light as a feather on the wrist.

The clasp is part of the overall design, woven in to the bracelet. The button closure is another of the red glass pearls that has been given a little extra beading.

Size: This fits a small to medium wrist; size is as shown. With this type of stitched bracelet there is a bit of give, or slight stretch to the woven fabric of beads, but otherwise the size is not adjustable.

The length from clasp opening to button is slightly more than 6.5 inches

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; International shipping is available! Please read here for more information.