Bracelet: Crocheted Red Shell

Bracelet: Crocheted Red Shell and Vintage Milk Glass

Vibrant red shell fragments, vintage milk glass and vintage czech glass seed beads come together for a unique and beautiful crocheted bracelet. (free shipping to domestic U.S. address; for international buyers please see below)


Crocheted bracelets are wonderful for many reasons–you get multiple wraps of lightweight color and sparkle, they are easy to wear and take on and off, and you can also wear them as a necklace! This bracelet is made from beautiful rich red shell fragments, vintage milk glass beads, and vintage czech glass pale yellow seed beads. (these latter beads are impossible to source any more so I use them sparingly and part with them reluctantly!) 🙂

Length: Triple wrap bracelet, fits small to medium wrist (but crocheted bracelets can be stretched a bit, too). Can also be worn as a necklace, one size fits all.

Materials used: Shell fragments, dyed a rich red, vintage milk glass beads in an assortment of shapes, and vintage Czech glass seed beads. Silver button, crochet loop closure.

Shipping is free to domestic U.S. address; international buyers please be aware that shipping charges will apply. See here for more information regarding shipping.