Necklace: Blue Lace Agate Bead Embroidery

Blue Lace Agate Bead Embroidered Necklace

A lovely full moon, carved from an iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl shell forms the focal of this statement bead embroidered necklace; Blue Lace Agate accents, including a stunning blue briolette, are used throughout this piece. (For shipping costs, see below)


The focal point of this statement necklace is a gorgeous moon, carved from mother of pearl. The soft, milky bluish tones of this unique piece suggested accompanying stones such as blue chalcedony, and the dreamy wispy hues of Blue Lace Agates.

The pendant is surrounded by small hand cut beads of Blue Lace Agate, and silver toned glass seed beads. Each individual tiny bead is carefully handstitched in onto a secure backing, and then reinforced.

I love creating fringe, for a bit of movement and grace, and as well it gives a nod to one of my favorite style eras–the Art Nouveau period. The fringe incorporates sparkling crystal briolettes; below the pendant hangs another stunning piece of Blue Lace Agate.

The whole of the pendant has been strung on natural chalcedony micro faceted gemstones. The sparkle of these is so lovely and light, like a fresh snow in the early morning! An interesting note about the chalcedony used here is that it is one of the components of Blue Lace Agate, which is why they pair so well together.

You can tell I love Blue Lace Agate! Blue is one of those colors that has been highly prized since antiquity. Blue Lace Agate, and natural chalcedony, form a range of blues that are dreamy and ethereal, and this is the true color, as found in nature.

Length: This piece hangs, as seen on “Miss Blossom”, my mannequin, at about 28 inches. Whenever possible, I try to build adjustability into my necklaces, and this one is able to be made longer, but not shorter. If you desire it to hang longer, then a small length of chain would be added to the clasp and hook. Email me with your questions regarding this and I will make the modifications!
Please see chart here for more details on length.

Metal parts are sterling silver. Some of the seed beads used are coated with real silver.

Focal pendant is backed with soft suede.

Please note this is a special, heirloom quality piece. This should not be worn in the water, or on the beach where it might be affected by salt or high humidity. Item will be sent to you in a soft cloth bag, where it is best stored when not being worn.

Shipping is free to domestic U.S. address; international buyers please be aware that shipping charges will apply. See here for more information regarding shipping.

I edited the color balance in this picture so you could see the silver beads a little more clearly. They are Japanese glass seed beads that have been coated with real silver.

Note: This is such a gorgeous stone, with such a beautiful color, that this has also been made as a set, if you like to coordinate a look. [note: earrings have sold]