Blue Crystals Collar Necklace

Blue Crystals Collar Necklace

A glamorous neckpiece in dreamy shades of blue, using lustrous vintage Czech glass crystals and a combination of stitching and wirework techniques.


Do you love vintage statement jewelry, or Hollywood glam? Sometimes an occasion calls for adornment that’s a little more grand, or your inner princess just needs a night out! In the past, jewelry was often handed down from one generation to the next; it was the sort of jewelry that was never considered in or out of fashion, it was simply there as the perfect accessory when needed. I love the timelessness of this piece, and how it evokes an era of graciousness and good manners.

The technique used for the stitching is called right angle weave, and when reinforced many times it makes a bendable yet somewhat stiff structure. This is made to be an arc that gracefully curves around the neck. As well, it has been designed to fit the neck rather closely, and hang at about adam’s apple or just below. Please read below in ‘size’ for more information. The pretty dangles are made from opalescent milky blue glass beads, and Czech glass crystals and glass pearls.

I made earrings to coordinate with this piece, if you would like your ensemble to look cohesive. The earrings are sold separately, and you can see pictures of them below. (shop Blue Crystal Arc Earrings here)

Coordinating earrings are sold separately

Materials used: Vintage Czech glass crystals, blue opaline glass rectangular drops, glass pearls, gold plated clasp.

Size: The length is adjustable; but this collar is slightly stiff and was designed to rest at about the the adam’s apple level or slightly lower. On my mannequin (Miss Blossom) the necklace fits just right, and she has a neck that measures 16 inches. On me (13 inch neck) the collar rests below the adam’s apple, but this results in no distortion of the arc shape. I can add jump rings to the back clasp area if a bit more room is needed, but this piece has been designed to gently hug the neck or just slightly below. Please let me know your exact neck measurement and we’ll make sure it fits you!

Shipping: Free to a domestic U.S. address; for international shipping please read here for more information.