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Here’s some of the latest pieces we’ve added!

Bold pearl bracelets

Glass Pearl Statement Bracelet

Mixed metals!

This bracelet has some classic lines but there’s nothing shy about it! You can wear this all by itself and it’s a statement, but it pairs well with other bracelets for a super stack

Ever thought of stacking bracelets with a woven beaded piece? Here’s an option, plus some beaded fringe earrings that harmonize as well. Each has its own listing.

Beaded Fringe Earrings

Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Another recent addition to the website also makes for a pretty pairing. These Silver Pearl Drop Earrings are made from lustrous and large freshwater pearls; they harmonize beautifully with the Hues of Blue beaded cuff bracelet.

Simple Stripe Beaded Fringe Earrings

just listed

These beaded fringe earrings have a classic stripe, and just might be the perfect pair to wear while playing word games on rainy days.

Bohemian Pearl

A look back in history

This piece seems ultra Bohemian to me; less modern in what this name represents, and more of the real and beloved medieval queen–Anne of Bohemia. It also reminds me of the period of time pre-WWI known as the Belle Epoque. But in truth, any era known for its lavish ornamentation could have inspired this necklace. And give me lavish any day!

Keeping with the peach theme here are some gorgeous quality freshwater pearls. The earrings are simple hoops, if you want to call it that. They are made from intricately woven ‘ropes’ of crystals and beads.

Fresh looks

people say the nicest things…

Miss Blossom typically wears more jewelry than I do.

“I love my earrings! I wear them almost every day!”
……. Martha from Tennessee

“These earrings are unbelievably beautiful!” .
….. Lori from California

Vintage style doesn’t mean you have to look historical, as though you were trying out for a role in a period drama. But it could mean that you make wardrobe choices with an innate sense of what is timeless. Perhaps you like to infuse a bit of art, or the handmade, into your adornment whenever possible. And always –always– you search out the kind of beauty that has stood the test of time.