Hello! I’m Rebecca. If you’re here, reading this, it is likely that we already share a common bond — love of jewelry, natural textures, or just real things made by real hands.

You love to wear accessories that reflect your unique style–so do I!

As a child I was a rockhound, and this passion for hunting and collecting eventually turned into a desire to design jewelry, and create ways to wear these lovely pieces of the earth.

My style is best described as what is suggested by the beads and stones I’m working with. It can be a bit rustic, but sometimes elegant. The goal is to keep things natural and organic in feel. Color harmonies and textures in the nature are one of my greatest inspirations! As much as possible I source stones and gemstones that are genuine in color, to create wearable art that will look as natural in the outdoors as they might grace the wearer at a champagne buffet.

If you love the woven and textile arts, you will find pieces here that represent some of those ancient traditions. Peyote stitch and brickstitch represent native American traditions, and bead embroidery stretches back beyond medieval times as a way women told the story of their history. That is also why I have fallen in love with woven earrings–either fringed, looped, or netted in a lacy filigree–these earrings feel almost like silky fabric swatches, and they are endlessly customizable for you.

If you have come here by way of my genusrosa blog–welcome! Music, reading, and the writing of fiction have been the mainstays of my creative life, and the tactile pleasure of making jewelry is another way I have found of telling a story. But heartwish has its own blog, and so from time to time I hope to be writing about things that interest me specific to the world of jewelry making, stones, historical trends in jewelry, and similar topics.

Adornment is everywhere in life. We see it in a bit of sunlit moss clinging to a branch, or in the perky topknot of a singing bird. It is as natural as life itself to love beautiful things.

I hope you find a treasure in the Heartwish line of personal adornment that speaks to your heart!